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Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are two esteemed comics who, individually, have no trouble holding an audience in their thrall; together, they are as engrossing as a train wreck (in a good way). They are about to reprise last year’s extraordinarily successful show, Disappointments, and take it on tour nationally. The hilariously candid show consists […]

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Dissapointments

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are quite the dynamic duo. These two Aussie comedians have come together to create a show that is bound to leave your heart filled with happiness. Disappointments is for “…anyone who has ever been disappointed and/or growing older. In other words, EVERYBODY!” said Lucy. The realness and truth of not […]

Denise Scott – Mother Bare

Comedienne, Denise Scott, is baring it all on the stage and exploring motherhood in her hilarious production, Mother Bare. Based on her personal experiences, Scott explores all the phases in life of being a parent: toddlers, kids, adolescents, adult kids and even death. “They’re all autobiographical stories, I wish I had the imagination to do […]


On the phone from a Brisbane hotel, Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are carefree. “We’re both leaning in a rather sexy way," says Lucy, “and Scottie is looking a little bit Audrey Hepburn”. After sellout shows around the country, The Spiral tour comes to Sydney. "It’s got everything," they explain, finishing each other’s sentences. ‘There’s […]