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Safe And Sound

By Jamie Apps While the never ending ‘war on drugs’ rages on, young lives continue to be lost. Yet one of the most effective and proven harm minimisation methods, pill testing, continues to be ignored in NSW. Internationally, particularly in Europe, pill testing at music festivals has been implemented for almost 20 years. Just last […]

Dissecting Truth

Human rights, ethics and basic decency have all been placed under the microscope recently in regards to Imagine Exhibitions latest production Real Bodies: The Exhibition currently on display in the Byron Kennedy Hall at Moore Park. The primary concern raised with the exhibition is in relation to the ethical, and legal, procurement of the plastinated human remains […]

Mardi Gras on the nose

By: Gabriela Szymanowska On a Saturday night in June 1978, NSW Police arrested 53 marchers during an event to commemorate the Stonewall Riots as part of the International Gay Celebrations. During that event, that attracted around 2,000 marchers, 53 participants were arrested and later named shamed by the Sydney Morning Herald. A year later, around […]

IWC demerger urged

BY JOHN MOYLE It could be a case of going back to the future for the newly-merged Inner West Council if a coalition of independents and Greens get their way for a demerger from their 2016 forced amalgamation. “Communities a lot less affluent than our council have challenged the mergers and they have won,” Councillor […]

WestConnex delivers less park

OPINION BY WENDY BACON The NSW Gladys Berejiklian government announced last week that it plans to tear down Sydney Cricket Ground Allianz stadium and rebuild it to blend with Moore Park and connect to a massive intersection and widened roads, all the way from the massive WestConnex interchange at St Peters. With this announcement, the […]

Youth cop unwanted attention

BY ANNA FREELAND The Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) has publicly condemned the disproportionate targeting of Indigenous and young Australians by a NSW Police program. Described as a pre-emptive policing initiative, The Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP) came under fire last month after a report by the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) revealed that the […]

Drug sniffers on the nose with Greens

BY JADE MORELLINI The success of drug-detection dogs has been put into question, with the Greens releasing new figures on the amount of money spent on hiring the dogs – an estimated $6000 per hour for only three dogs - which they claim deliver false-positives 50-75% of the time. Greens MP David Shoebridge said, “NSW […]

Bondi Pavilion perseveres

BY ANITA SENARATNA It was a scene that might never have been possible again had former Bondi Mayor Sally Betts got her way. Last Friday night, the Bondi community threw a party to celebrate Bondi Pavilion staying in public hands, after a two-year long campaign against the $38 million upgrade proposed by Cr Betts during […]

Inner West goes red and green

BY JOSEPH FENAUGHTY Labor and the Greens were the biggest winners in this weekend’s Inner West Council elections with the Liberal party trailing a distant third. The weekend’s election ended over a year’s uncertainty since the forced amalgamations in 2016. This was the Inner west council’s first chance since to have democratically-elected councillors to preside […]

All Betts are off for Waverley election

BY ANITA SENARATNA Liberal councillors, including current mayor Sally Betts, currently dominate the beachside council of Waverley. But the failed merger with neighbouring councils of Randwick and Woollahra and the controversial Bondi Pavilion upgrade could see the tides change for the Liberal Party at the upcoming local government election on September 9. The State Liberal […]