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Review: The Mystery of Love and Sex

Funny, relevant and with a lot of heart. The Mystery of Love and Sex is 2017's rom-com with added bite. Directed by Anthony Skuse, the play is currently showing at Eternity Playhouse in Darlinghurst, and coincides with this year’s Mardi Gras. Written by Boardwalk Empire's Bathsheba Doran, The Mystery of Love and Sex is a quirky, millennial-esque tale of […]

The Mystery of Love and Sex

The Mystery of Love and Sex had its Australian debut when it premiered at the Darlinghurst Theatre Company earlier this month. Written by Boardwalk Empire's Bathsheba Doran, the play focuses on relationships and romance. And while this might not sound like anything groundbreaking when it comes to theatre plots, its humorous portrayal of both heterosexual and gay […]

A Life in the Theatre

Step inside the actor’s world with American playwright David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre – the story about the relationship between two actors, John and Robert. John has just joined the cast of a theatre company with Robert taking him under his wings. You see the relationship develop over a year. Actor Akos Armont, […]

Remembering Pirates

If you haven't yet been to a play at Eternity Playhouse, now is a great time. Firstly because the restored heritage building is one of the most magnificent small theatres in Sydney, and secondly because Christopher Harley's new production Remembering Pirates is now showing. Played out on a minimalistic stage, the Darlinghurst Theatre Company revisits the classic […]

Good Works

Good Works is an emotionally powerful and exquisitely told Australian story by acclaimed playwright, Nick Enright. This November, watch as the Darlinghurst Theatre Company bring this compelling drama to life at Eternity Playhouse. Renowned theatre director Iain Sinclair has expressed that it has been a delight to work with a script written by Enright, who is considered […]

Theatre Review: Detroit

“Detroit” is a tricky play. It starts in one place and lands in another entirely. The play’s pedigree, nominated for a Pulitzer in 2011, warns that it is not a simple, modern comedy. The premise is funny, lulling, and ultimately devastating. A sort-of settled couple, Mary (Lisa Chappell) and Ben (Ed Wightman), live in a […]


A wide success in America, winning an Obie and placing as a finalist for the Pulitzer prize, Detroit is coming to Australia for its debut at Darlinghurst Theatre Company. The play frankly presents the financial blow-out of its namesake city (Detroit was amongst the most hard-hit in the country) and features two couples, both in […]

Every Second

Darlinghurst Theatre Company and AccessA (Access Australia) present this new Australian production, a daring yet witty play. Every Second depicts the common issue of infertility and the struggles of starting a family. “It has the personal struggles and the strain of relationships through it emotionally,” says Simon Corfield, who portrays Tim, “while it’s doing that […]

The Gigli Concert

Anyone involved in the theatre scene knows it’s tough, almost impossible, “but some of us just feel compelled to keep going, so we do,” says actor Patrick Dickson. It helps when Dickson has the chance to explore the fascinatingly eccentric character of quack psychiatrist JPW King in one of the greatest Irish plays of the […]


A husband leaves his wife and son for another man.  The logline for Falsettos, playing at Darlinghurst Theatre this Mardis Gras season may sound like other dramas, but this piece of musical theatre is certainly no conventional affair. “I’m not sure if you already know,” lead actor Tamlyn Henderson says, “but everything’s performed in song.” […]