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$65 million Potts Point development approved

By ASTON BROWN A $65 million hotel and apartment redevelopment on the site of Sydney’s former Bourbon and Beefsteak pub and Les Girls nightclub on Darlinghurst Road has been approved. The decision by the City of Sydney marks an end to a tedious and eventful application process that has been in the pipeline for over […]

The killing of Darlinghurst Road

Opinion by JOHN MOYLE Not since the Green Bans and the Victoria Street wars of the ‘70s has Kings Cross faced such a powerful and existential threat to its existence. Under the cover of COVID on Friday 11th of September Iris Capital for developer Sam Arnaout lodged its second Development Application with the City of […]

Bourbon at Stake

By Andrew Woodhouse If ever there was a site that represented Kings Cross, it would be the Bourbon Bar site and its white arches. Its founder was a Texan opportunist, Bernie Houghton whose bust faces the site from the nearby gardens. He was known for his hospitality, drag queen shows, colour and kitsch. US sailors […]

Kings cross locals push back

BY JOHN MOYLE The proposed development plans to demolish almost an entire block of Darlinghurst Road in Potts Point has had an unexpected result: it has united the residents in such a way that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Green Bans of the mid seventies, complete with a rally scheduled for Saturday, […]

The rise and fall of the Empire

BY JOHN MOYLE It’s amazing how one day a community is complacently going about its business and then the next all hell breaks loose, as it did when news of a major over-development along Darlinghurst Road was broken by the City Hub and later picked up by the dailies. People are angry, mobilising and discussing […]

Very Cross

BY LOUIS NOWRA Cities are about change. The new replaces the old. There can be no better example than what is happening to Kings Cross. At the moment the Omnia apartment block now being built on the former Crest Hotel site will provide 135 luxury apartments once it’s finished. Part of its plans is to […]