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Personal touches to Aiden Darling Harbour by renowned fine artist

By Lucinda Garbut-Young Multi-award winning and Archibald Prize finalist Jessica Le Clerc is no stranger to the new hotel Aiden Darling Harbour. She’s hand painted Australian botanicals across more than 70 rooms, along with an intricate, 25-metre-high hidden mural, seen out the windows of select private rooms.  As the hotel’s artist in residence, Jess has […]

REVIEW: Darling Harbour Restaurant & Bar – Pumphouse Sydney

BY TESSA PELLE The historic Pumphouse Sydney in Darling Harbour has officially opened its doors to reveal a complete refurbishment of the famous venue. Guests are welcomed back to try a diverse collection of craft beers, explore the brand-new wine room and dive into a new, elevated menu crafted by Head Chef Anthony Kirk. The […]

REVIEW: Letters From A Troubled Past at Ara Darling Harbour

Letters From A Troubled Past at the Ara Theatre Darling Harbour is presented by the Moira Blumenthal Productions and Shalom. This unique theatrical production is a minor gem and should appeal to audiences who’d like to watch a smaller but significant production which details true histories of Jewish refugees fleeing war-torn Europe to other countries. […]

THE NAKED CITY – Bring Back The Ducky!

It’s great to see that the Sydney Festival will go ahead in January 2021 with an ‘Australian Made’ program – no big name overseas acts but the spotlight on some wonderful local musicians, dancers, actors and artists. Naturally crowd numbers will be restricted with the various COVID-19 protocols but it’s a brave move to stage […]

Alex Greenwich rejects Mirvac’s Darling Harbour proposal

By ALLISON HORE Independent member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has called on the NSW government to “act as custodian of the harbour” and reject Mirvac’s amended development proposal for the Harbourside Shopping Centre beside Darling Harbour. The proposal would have the 30 year old shopping complex demolished to make way for a new mixed-use development, […]

Pyrmont: founded on corruption, divided by disease, united by industry

by ALEC SMART The Pyrmont peninsula is a sandstone-based outcrop bordered either side by two navigable coves, Blackwattle Bay and Darling Harbour. The region has gone through boom, bust and boom again as it transitioned from abattoirs to quarries to docks to slums and is now a hub for technology and tourism. Although inhabited for […]

Mirvac throwing shade on Darling Harbour developments

By ALLISON HORE New plans for the Harbourside Shopping Centre site will bring Darling Harbour’s skylines to new heights, but not as high as previously proposed. Property developer, Mirvac, will demolish the 30 year old shopping complex to make way for a new mixed-use development, which will include a new shopping complex and a 153-metre […]

Pyrmont in the cross-hairs

By ALLISON HORE Following the release of the results from the Greater Sydney Commission’s review of the planning protocols in Pyrmont at the end of last month, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the NSW Government’s intentions to “transform” Pyrmont into “the next jobs hub”. “For our city and State to continue to be the jobs capital […]


Think of some of the classic movie locations of all time and you might immediately recall the mean streets of New York City, the boulevards of Paris or the historic precincts of Rome. All have been the urban film sets of some of cinema’s greatest classics. Sydney, on the other hand, can’t quite match its […]


Not everybody will agree with me but I find the rising Crown Casino tower at Barangaroo downright scary. Its bulging frame, which will eventually dominate everything within cooee, looms over the waterfront resembling a Godzilla or Transformer-like monster. Its architectural merits aside I have to say I find it incredibly menacing, even more so with […]