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Police give Moore less than expected

by ALEC SMART The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has dropped its investigation into Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who used allegedly forged documents to malign Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore by claiming City of Sydney spent $15 million on travel expenses in the 2017-18 financial year – 50 times her departments’ annual budget of $300,000. […]


The conservative reaction to the recent national school strike for climate change was horribly predictable. We heard the usual shock jock slurs that the kids only wanted a day off or that they would be heading to the mall or Maccas to spend the day. There was however a new element of criticism and that […]

Ferocious roosters, flying shark, bun boycott, ship ahoy: News Bites – 11 Sept 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Deadly pecker On 3 Sept, news sources around the world reported a bizarre Australian tragedy about a woman in Adelaide who was pecked to death by her pet rooster. The 76-year-old was collecting eggs on her farm when she was fatally pecked by the rooster, which targeted her varicose veins […]


I’m not a reader of the Daily Telegraph but I admit to occasionally picking up a discarded copy in a coffee shop or on public transport. Call it a kind of strange perversion but I am always intrigued to read what Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman and Miranda Devine have to say in their various opinion […]


Throughout history we’ve often wondered why men and women who hold strong religious beliefs often fail to put into practice the basic tenets of their sacred texts. This is of course particularly perplexing when it comes to those in positions of political power, especially when they make a big deal of their spiritual faith and […]

Daily Terror attacks gays

BY ALEX EUGENE   OPINION Around a hundred activists gathered outside the Sydney News Corp office last week to blow the whistle on the Daily Telegraph's latest faux pas.   The paper ran a front page infographic blasting young people as having "only themselves to blame" for their illnesses- including being same-sex attracted.   After […]

Shake-up for Clover’s spin doctors

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s media team is set for a shake-up, with the Office of the Lord Mayor (OLM) advertising for a new Senior Communications Officer. In a job description posted on employment website Seek, the role was advertised as a fixed term contract to January 2017. "This is a rare opportunity to be […]