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Town Hall secrecy leads to distrust

BY ALEX EUGENE City of Sydney councillors now have so little faith in the Lord Mayor Clover Moore and her constituents, that they were led to believe a chain email claiming city buildings were up for sale had genuinely been endorsed by the Mayor. The Mayor's lack of transparency has been decried constantly by several […]

Deputy Lord Mayor resigns

BY ALEX EUGENE Just nine months after being elected to the City of Sydney Council the Deputy Lord Mayor Kerryn Phelps has resigned from the Clover Moore Independent team. At the City Council meeting on June 26th, Phelps made the shock announcement that she will serve out her remaining three years term as an independent […]

Expenses and Facilities Policy for Councillors reviewed.

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED An analysis of the Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy was carried out at the recent City of Sydney Council meeting after it was exposed that Lord Mayor Clover Moore and councillors were requesting up to 30 times more on expenses than their Western Sydney counterparts. The Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy […]

Neighbourhood Parking Policy approved

Following public exhibition in 2013, the motion for the adoption of the Neighbourhood Parking Policy was carried at the City of Sydney council meeting on Monday, May 12. The final version of the policy comes after Council resolved to review its parking policies in October, 2012, with the intent of adopting a consistent policy that […]