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TV footage of two women fighting furiously over packets of toilet paper in a Woolies at Chullora last week said it all. There are elements associated with fear of the corona virus which simply defy any normal logic. Why toilet paper was targeted as the go to item by these and other would be doomsday […]

THE NAKED CITY – Revenge Of The Pangolin

When we think of animals that are trafficked globally, often to be used in Chinese medicines and other natural remedies, it’s tigers, elephants and rhinos that immediately come to mind. Yet in recent years the most hijacked animal in the world has been a prehistoric looking, scaly mammal, prized for both its meat and the […]

Wuhan Virus Dampens Chinese New Year Festivities

By MAX TILLMAN The Wuhan coronavirus has left its indelible mark on Sydney, with Chinese New Year celebrations and language classes grinding to a halt across the city as fears of infection take hold. In a statement issued on 28 January, The Australian Chinese Community Association (ACCA) of New South Wales cited the need to […]