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Perrottet government plans to gift more foreshore land to Barangaroo developers

By WENDY BACON A partnership between Infrastructure NSW and property developer Aqualand is planning a public land grab that will override previous planning agreements. The developers plan to build high rise offices, expensive apartments and a shopping centre that their critics say will diminish heritage and block iconic views from Observatory Hill and Millers Point.  […]

City of Sydney council recruits over 50 experts to join advisory panels

By ERIN MODARO The City of Sydney council has announced a team of over 50 experts have been recruited to join four select advisory panels, which will advise the council on a multitude of social and economic issues. The newly created panels are designed to support the recovery of Sydney's economic and cultural life. City […]

Glebe Tramsheds to host community groups while Pyrmont Centre undergoes upgrades

By SASHA FOOT The City of Sydney has agreed to offer the Pyrmont Community Centre a larger relocation venue at the Glebe Tramsheds, after Clover Moore’s Independent team previously rejected a motion to grant the community $500,000 for an alternative leased space.  The centre’s community group, Friends of Pyrmont, will host larger activities like dinner […]

Surry Hills park light rail stop back on the cards with new petition

By AMBER GRIFFIN Sydney’s Mayor Lord Clover Moore has started a petition to NSW Parliament pushing for the construction of a new light rail stop in Surry Hills, after the project has been in contention for nearly 10 years. The proposed location of the stop is in a small park off Bourke Street, opposite the Bourke […]

Clover Moore pitches Cahill-less Circular Quay at Infrastructure Summit

By AMBER GRIFFIN Lord Mayor Clover Moore brought her vision for the removal of the Cahill Expressway in Circular Quay to the Sydney Morning Herald Infrastructure Summit on June 1. The summit was held at the Hilton Sydney for a "landmark conversation" on topics such as "the project pipeline of infrastructure projects in NSW, policy […]

Clover Moore Opens Five-Storey Creative Centre In Sydney

A spectacular new five-storey arts rehearsal and production centre in downtown Sydney has opened to artists and creative organisations. The City of Sydney Creative Studios features 30 spaces including an expansive rehearsal area, recording and editing suites, visual art studios, workshops, screening rooms and offices. It’s also home to an artist-in-residence apartment and a café. […]

Council defeats motion to offer Pyrmont Community Centre relocation premises

By SASHA FOOT Clover Moore's Independent team defeated a motion that would grant Pyrmont Community Centre a workable relocation space while $5.7 million upgrades take place.  Five councillors of the Clover Moore Independent Team rejected the motion put forward by Liberal Councillor Shauna Jarrett and Labor Councillor Linda Scott earlier this month.  Clover Moore used […]

Vivid to receive funding injection from City of Sydney

By SHARLOTTE THOU The City of Sydney will provide $100,000 in cash funding to Vivid Sydney and a value-in-kind injection of up to $300,000. The City has proposed that the cash portion will fund the 'X/Celebrate' live music program as part of the festivities, which will "continue support of Sydney's thriving music scene with a […]

Liberal councillor knocks City of Sydney’s ‘silent’ response to Pyrmont community centre concerns

By DANIEL LO SURDO A Liberal councillor has lashed the City of Sydney and lord mayor Clover Moore's efforts to relocate the Pyrmont Community Centre ahead of its $4.5 million refurbishment, calling for a better public relocation process to ensure that "this ineptitude doesn't happen again". Shauna Jarrett, a City of Sydney councillor who entered […]

Thousands of letters sent against Waterloo public housing proposal

By PATRICK MCKENZIE A community campaign against a proposal from the NSW government to privatise over 70 per cent of public housing at the Waterloo South Estate has picked up steam, with over 2,700 letters having been sent opposing plans to redevelop the area with hundreds of private apartments. Led by grassroots group Action For […]