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Murdoch lie-in demands truth

by ALEC SMART Around 200 protestors lay down on the road surface in front of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s Australian publishing headquarters in Holt Street, Surry Hills, on Fri 31 Jan, during the Murdoch News Corp Lie-In Protest. The demonstration was organised by satirist and former Manly district deputy mayor, Brad Pedersen. In the Facebook […]

Bushfires bring out the best (and worst) of Australians

by ALEC SMART The apocalyptic bushfires raging across Australia, incinerating millions of hectares of forest and decimating an estimated 1.5 billion animals, are bringing out the best and, unfortunately, the worst in Australians as we work together to solve the crisis. Over $35million has been donated to the Red Cross Disaster Response and Recovery Fund […]

Christmas shopping as the world burns!

By ANDREW TOVEY Yesterday, the last Saturday before Christmas, I ventured out into the city to buy my one single Christmas gift. Our family does secret Santa to keep things minimal. I was about to wade into retail madness. The backdrop of Sydney on shopping overdrive was sobering. Yesterday had a high probability of being […]


Full of homegrown tourists and international travellers the Indian Pacific makes its way into Sydney past the dilapidated, graffiti scrawled landscape of the old Redfern railway yards. As the train slows and snakes its way into Central Station the choking bushfire smoke has all but obscured the view from the carriage windows. “Where are we?” […]


The conservative reaction to the recent national school strike for climate change was horribly predictable. We heard the usual shock jock slurs that the kids only wanted a day off or that they would be heading to the mall or Maccas to spend the day. There was however a new element of criticism and that […]

Coathanger climb, cruise ship crusade, diving birds, diving for trash: News Bites – 18 Sept 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Climate of peers Thousands are expected to attend Friday’s Global Climate Strike gathering at The Domain in Sydney. On September 20, three days before world leaders meet in New York for the United Nations Emergency Climate Summit, hundreds of thousands of school students and workers across Australia will join millions […]


Back in the 1960s, as the old red rattlers made their way out of West Ryde Station, commuters were greeted with a trackside billboard that regularly forecast the day of judgement, the ‘rapture ’ and the end of the world as we know it today. I seem to remember it was curated by the Christadelphians […]

Climate action

BY MICHAEL HITCH Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, Clover Moore has joined forces with over 23 cities around the world in order to fight climate change as part of a Global Climate Action Summit. Over 4,500 delegates from cities such as Sydney, London Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, New York and Washington DC called upon […]

Phelps for Wentworth

BY JOHN MOYLE Few independents have had their entry into federal politics as highly anticipated as that of Dr Kerryn Phelps. For weeks the polling results for the upcoming by-election for Wentworth have carried provisos that the candidate positions would be affected if Dr Phelps decided to run, and now she has. “It wasn’t on […]

The General Assembly

The General Assembly, the long-term musical project of climate activist Matt Wicking, are set to perform in Sydney for the first time this year to launch their debut album, Vanishing Point. Ahead of the show the City Hub spoke with Matt about the record and his passion for social issues. As Matt explained, with this […]