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Girl In The Machine

We’re living in a time where the concepts and themes in series such as Black Mirror seem to be becoming more and more real and tangible. The line between us and technology is getting shorter. Playwright Stef Smith’s Girl In The Machine is being brought to Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre this month, directed by two-time Sydney […]

REVIEW: The Big Time

Finally, after 51 (or is it 52?) plays and the same number of years, David Williamson has turned his satirical blowtorch onto his own industry in this latest offering at the Ensemble Theatre on Sydney’s lower North Shore. He says, “If you’re a struggling writer or actor who hasn’t made 'The Big Time'… being near […]

REVIEW: Eurydice

America playwright Sarah Ruhl wrote this play as a tribute to her recently deceased father, and indeed the major focus is on the relationship between Eurydice (Ebony Vagulans) and her father (Jamie Oxenbould), whom she meets when she is banished on her wedding day to the Underworld. However, as she has bathed in the river […]


Confronting theatre with nowhere to hide, Mad March Hare Theatre Company’s production of Dark Vanilla Jungle makes its return after a critically acclaimed run at the Sydney Fringe Festival. Claudia Barrie provides an achingly brilliant performance in this one-hander, as she gradually unravels the troubled story of a young woman desperately in search of love […]