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Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Guy Noble

Ringing in the New Year, acclaimed baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes joins pianist and conductor Guy Noble for two exciting shows at the City Recital Hall. The pair will be performing an selection of popular arias and songs, complete with a delicate, classical flair and a touch of the two’s iconic comedy. Guy Noble, being one […]

Considering Matthew Shephard

On October 7 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old student at the University Of Wyoming, was tied to a fence in an isolated field on the outskirts of Laramie and beaten with the butt of a pistol. He later died in hospital, succumbing to his injuries and sparking an outcry that would ripple around the world […]

Lloyd Cole

As legendary musician Lloyd Cole approaches 35 years in the music business he took some time to sit down and chat with City Hub. During the conversation, Cole spoke about his career and the hidden challenges of the creative process. Although many years ago Cole still recalls with clarity the moment he realised music could […]

Tom Burlinson – Swingin’ The Great Standards

Following a much-applauded run of performances as part of the cast of stage musical Chicago one of Australia’s great crooners, Tom Burlinson, is set to arrive in Sydney. Burlinson will arrive in Sydney tomorrow with his brand new show Swingin’ The Great Standards, which celebrates the greatest songs, composers, and lyricists of the 20th Century. […]

Ears To The Ground: Hinterland

The City Recital Hall team are once again bringing an incredible night of music to the heart of our fine city as part of their intimate and late evening music series, Ears To The Ground. On offer, this month is the Sydney-based ensemble Hinterland, a group which has situated themselves comfortably between the chairs of […]

Concertos On Fire

If a friend or relative were to invite you to an orchestral concert it’s safe to assume you would likely get a very distinctive image in your mind. It’s also safe to assume that that image would not include circus elements and fire eating. Concertos On Fire, however, explores dynamic new directions in classical concert […]

Painted From Memory

The album Painted From Memory – a collaboration between Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach – was released in 1998 and draws on the strengths of Bacharach’s '60's styles and Costello’s subtle lyricism to give it a timeless sound. This month, a new collaboration will showcase the album – stars of the Australian stage Michael Falzon […]


Academic and musician Joseph Toltz has spent over 17 years researching music’s place in the memory of Holocaust survivors. It was during this work he discovered the children’s opera Brundibár, performed 55 times by the prisoners, for the prisoners, at Terezín Ghetto concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Brundibár’s simple fable of children coming together to […]

La Rêvolution: A Bastille Day Concert

In honour of Bastille Day, City Recital Hall will be transformed into a French salon. Performer and program director Jane Rutter says: “Not only does Bastille Day celebrate the liberation of the lower classes from the bourgeoisie, it also allowed music to flourish in a different way.” La Rêvolution: A Bastille Day Concert will showcase the […]

Let’s Fall in Love

Experience love, loss, passion and romance like never before with Amanda McBroom’s one night only show, Let’s Fall in Love. Featuring blues, country, ballads and cabaret love songs, the humorous and moving show about ‘romance for grownups’ is an intimate concert performance with McBroom and pianist and musical director Michele Brourman. “I have constructed the […]