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Rock Bang

Set to leave their audiences blown-away, rock ‘n’ roll circus show Rock Bang will hit Riverside Theatre for Sydney Festival 2019 from today. A collaboration between Circus Oz and art-rock-comedy duo Otto And Astrid from Die Roten Punkte, the show will combine comedy, rock ‘n’ roll, live music and acrobatics for a huge night of entertainment. […]

Circus Oz – Model Citizens

The always innovative Circus Oz returns with the first production for the company by new artistic director Rob Tannion, exploring what it means to be a ‘model citizen’ in Australia today through awesome physicality, biting satire and highly skilled, unpredictable acrobatics. With an impressive cast of aerialists, cheeky characters, daredevil acrobats, cigar box juggling, hula […]

Circus Oz – But Wait…There’s More

Before Cirque du Soleil, there was Circus Oz––a playful, colourful, animal-free innovation that focussed on the human form. This Summer, after two years of touring, they are bringing their unique collection of characters and clowns to Sydney in But Wait... There's More. Unicyclists April Dawson and Kyle Raftery are two of 12 artists who will […]


Cranked Up, the latest production from Circus Oz - which is now in its 35th year - touts a strong message of cultural diversity and inclusion. While there is plenty of chemistry and energy to be found onstage and the performers are having fun, that enthusiasm fails to reach the audience. Mason West provides a […]


Circus Oz is returning to the big top with Cranked Up, their latest show comprised of fourteen circus performers accompanied by a live band. “There’s a flying trapeze act, there’s aerial acts. There’s people-throwing-each-other-around acrobatics,” says Mike Finch, artistic director of Circus Oz. “All the acrobats play a bit of music with the band as […]


For over three decades, the team that is Circus Oz have been bringing to audiences a delightfully Australian, animal free, family friendly extravaganza of circus arts and entertainment. Their new show, From The Ground Up, promises to be no exception. The directors create a theme for each body of work, this time utilising an elaborate 'construction' […]