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Think of some of the classic movie locations of all time and you might immediately recall the mean streets of New York City, the boulevards of Paris or the historic precincts of Rome. All have been the urban film sets of some of cinema’s greatest classics. Sydney, on the other hand, can’t quite match its […]


Back in the 1950s the most exciting thing about your cinema seat was when you flipped it up at a Saturday Matinee to discover a lucky number, redeeming it for an icy pole at the candy bar. These days things are much more sophisticated and the modern movie patron is now wooed with not only […]

Let yourself recline at Hoyts cinema

BY JADE MORELLINI Watch the latest blockbusters in comfort at HOYTS with their brand new recliner seats, making a night or day out at the movies a much more comfortable experience. HOYTS Broadway has been renovated and fitted out with powered recliner seating, offering guests extra legroom and wider seats – where they can enjoy […]


In a world of Netflix and online streaming, there is still unbeatable romance in watching a film at the cinema. When Events or Hoyts get a bit repetitive, we might try and venture out to a drive-in or open-air. But without doubt, the most remarkable cinema in Sydney is Cremorne's old-timey art deco picture palace, […]

Jurassic World

It’s been 22 years since the first Jurassic Park left audiences enamoured with the concept of a dinosaur theme park, and that sense of wonderment has been successfully reinvigorated in this third sequel. Jurassic World happily skips over sequels two and three and gives plenty of nostalgic nods to the popular original. The park, also named […]

Golden Age Cinema & Bar

Managing Director Bob Barton dots our conversation with film references, but baulks at being called a film buff.

Bar Fly: Randwick Ritz

Sitting on an all but empty balcony looking down over The Spot on a Friday night, I’m wondering if the street level punters are missing the point.

Bar Fly: Golden Age Cinema & Bar

Midnight Parisian isn’t on the cocktail list here every night. Golden Age’s tempting take on a French 75 - Tanqueray, Solerno blood orange liqueur, lemon juice, and Champagne - was the cameo cocktail for movie Midnight in Paris.


It is not often I am moved to use words like powerhouse and tour-de-force, but for Cecile de France's performance in director Stijin Coninx's latest feature Sister Smile (soeur SOURIRE), I am willing to make an exception. de France drives the film with her charming, emotional and intelligent take on the life of Jeannine Deckers, […]