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Love Sarah

Not since Chocolate has there been such a delightful film set in a bakery which boasts a ‘deliciously alluring secondary cast’ of mouth-watering tortes and cakes. Love Sarah is a bakery established by a young lady and dedicated to her deceased mother Sarah, who in the process fulfilled her dream posthumously. “Mum would’ve wanted us to […]


Coco88 Chocolate Patisserie This patisserie is a chocoholics haven! Premium and fresh ingredients are used to produce all 50 chocolate products onsite. Bonbons are bestsellers owing to their unique taste and with 24 flavours available there’s a favourite for everyone! Freckles, chocolate bars and bites are popular and there’s also a large variety to choose […]


Kakawa is a chocolate shop that sells a no frills approach to indulgence. With nowhere to sit in front of the display of luxury chocolates, it is a shop for those cynical of places trying to recreate the Willy Wonka experience (we’re looking at you, large mixing chocolate vats at Max Brenner). What is distinctly […]


When I arrived at Gelatony, Antonino Lo Iacono was making gelato. This might not sound surprising, but with so many places buying in product or importing the base, it’s important. When we sit down over a Flat White ($3.50) he brings me the smoothest gelato I’ve ever tasted.

Food News – Smooth Festival of Chocolate

I approached this month’s Smooth Festival of Chocolate like I would if I were shopping while starving: I literally threw anything that looked remotely delicious into my trolley (aka: mouth). After avoiding breakfast, so I could have as much room available for edible decadence as possible, I started my cacao journey at Chocolate Del Mondo, where I dived face first into a Volcanic Chocolate Eruption ($10).

Food News – Aroma Festival

Coffee aficionados swarm The Rocks for the annual Aroma Festival Day, coming up fast on Sunday 26 July this year. In the lead up to the big day of celebrating roasts and brews, you can also check out a range of coffee-centred activities and workshops.

Food News – Pana Chocolate

Say the words: Pana Chocolate, and most vegans start grinning. Those in the know say, it’s quite possibly the best vegan chocolate out there, and many list Cinnamon as a firm favourite.


The Gazebo dining room runs in a gentle curve from grand piano to kitchen, the ceiling studded with low-hanging lights.