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PhilJames – Smilex:3D & Tara Marynowsky – Brain Rain

Two significantly talented artists, PhilJames and Tara Marynowsky, are now showcasing their work at Chalk Horse Gallery throughout the month. PhilJames’s Smilex:3D and Marynowsky’s Brain Rain collections contain notions that are distinct in style, but on closer inspection act as a perfect foil for one another. Marynowsky uses the medium of watercolour to explore a […]

Domestic Departures

Domestic Departures at Chalk Horse Gallery challenges ideas of home to produce a group show that is aesthetically interesting and politically powerful. In The Re -introduction of Australian Knighthood Abdul Abdullah focuses on a menacing balaclava-clad figure draped by Australian iconography as a caustic comment on modern patriotism. While Abdullah confronts the public sphere, Jasper […]

Future Fallout – Kate Mitchell/Venus Of Venus – Tara Marynowsky

Kate Mitchell and Tara Marynowsky are two very different artists being showcased at Chalk Horse Gallery in Darlinghurst. Mitchell's works are quirky comments on modern society. In Future Fallout, the artist cycles to a colourful psychic shop which collapses as she opens the door. As the façade crumbles into reality she returns to her bike […]


Sculptures, abstract art, a found object and a striking print decorate the floor and walls of the Chalk Horse Gallery with Bathysphere. James Kerr’s Desiccated Vases consists of a pair of boxes filled with crushed rose petals. The works are reminiscent of abstract art mixed with the quotidian impression of a cork board. The contrast […]