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Central Station to house the Southern Hemisphere’s longest escalators

By TOKS OGUNDARE Sydney's Central Station has a new claim to fame after the NSW government this week installed the longest escalators in the southern hemisphere.   The first of nine record-breaking escalators running underground have been installed at Central Station as part of the NSW Government's $955 million development of the nation's busiest station. Extending […]

Anti-mask conspiracy believers fined

By ALLISON HORE An anti-COVID conspiracy theorist was arrested on Friday for failing to comply with the COVID-19 public health order requiring Sydney-siders to wear a mask in public.  This comes as a number of public figures, including an Australian MP, are being slammed online for spreading misinformation about masks and COVID-19. A 55-year-old man […]

A new vision for Central Station

By ALLISON HORE The City of Sydney have revealed their vision for a new major public square at Sydney’s Central station. The new square is set to complement the NSW Government’s “Tech Central” technology precinct.  The new square to be named Central Square is set to transform the area around Sydney’s Central Station and turn […]

Stripped Down

BY MICHAEL HITCH If you’ve walked through Redfern and Central Stations recently you may have noticed a few subtle changes. Perhaps more police. Perhaps more sniffer dogs. But the most insidious of all may be the not-so-private “privacy screens” set-up by police for the purpose of strip-searches. The Redfern Legal Centre and the “Safe and […]

Food without strings

By ALLISON HORE It’s a chilly Autumn night in Sydney’s CBD. But the warmth from a barbecue and friendly conversation offer some relief from the cold wind. Every weekday night volunteers from the grassroots charity group Will2Live set up their barbecue on the corner of Eddy Avenue and Pitt Street to serve up food to […]

Town Hall Square still in limbo

by Allison Hore Despite being in the works for over two decades, Sydney’s proposed Town Hall Square is still in limbo, with a spokesperson for Sydney Council unable to provide any information about the starting or completion dates of the project. The Town Hall Square development is a key part of the City of Sydney’s […]

Late night opening insomnia

By Andrew Woodhouse “ZZZ… ZZZ …” “Andrew! Wake up!’ “What? It’s 3:00 am!” “But it’s time to go shopping “Are you mad?  This is silly.” This scenario could be coming to you if the City of Sydney Council has its way. It has approved a trial of ultra-late shopping hours after a survey was recently […]

Late night Sydney loosens its bonds

By Sarah McLenaghan Since the inception of the NSW lockout laws in 2014 there have been growing calls for a revitalisation of Sydney’s nightlife. Last week, City of Sydney responded to these demands with a proposal for some of the most drastic changes to City planning and development across Sydney in decades. Lord Mayor Clover […]


In a new Australian movie Night Train To Lithgow, two homeless people in their late 60s strike up a conversation, alone in the so called ‘quite carriage’. The man and woman are on the 12.18am train from Central to Lithgow, returning to Sydney at 6.00am. For the $2.50 pensioner concession, it’s a cheap, relatively safe […]

Homeless intervention voted down

BY RYAN QUINN A City of Sydney councillor’s plan to ‘intercept’ homeless people at Central Station before they reach the CBD was shut down in a council meeting on Monday September 14. Liberal Councillor Christine Forster’s plan was in reaction to the rising number of homeless people who had come to camp in parks in […]