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Alison Ferrier – What She Knows

Alison Ferrier's album What She Knows is truthful and emotive. Each song has a logic and a rhythm of its own, grown organically and holding true to the style it demands. Ferrier’s stories are played from her heart strings honestly and evocatively. The listener knows that she has lived through her experiences and that her […]

Alice Ivy – I’m Dreaming

Alice Ivy’s I’m Dreaming is a cornucopia of experimentation. The young artist’s debut album is filled with influences and iconic quotes, mixed through with new ideas each of them blended seamlessly into beautiful new life. Though led by one, the album is a group effort, bouncing from one strongly bonded collaboration to the next. Thoughtfully […]

Tiny Little Houses – Idiot Proverbs

The debut album from Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses sees the group pushing forward into an exciting new indie-rock direction. Throughout the record the group employ a more raucous, gritty texture to their sound whilst still maintaining their indie-pop charm. Idiot Proverbs has a number of tracks in it’s midst that will quickly have the listener singing […]

The Black Seeds – Fabric

The Black Seeds album Fabric is brimming with love and good vibes. Bouncing around the listener, the sounds of Fabric encourage happiness with every couple of beats. The listener is part of a circle, fed by joy and feeding theirs back into the music. Inclusive and welcoming, the music earns the same from the listener, it […]

Undertow – Closer to Darkness The Remixes

This is a creative compilation of remixes. They have made music out of what sounds like a clucking chicken and a relentless smoke alarm. The mixtures are very danceable with dramatic drops and vocals that are always an extra rhythmic element, spiking interest in the self-aware part of the listeners brain. There are only a […]

Hoolahan – Casuarina

Casuarina moves through the listener like a light breeze. It casually moseys through the body with its easy rhythmic motion and all the good vibes that the band and the listener can feel together, bonded in a to and fro melody. The impression left by this combination of feels is barely an impression at all, […]

Project Mama Earth

Exotic and enticing Project Mama Earth’s self-titled album is encouraging to the listener. The album draws a strong connection between itself and nature, placing the listener in it, the good and the bad pulling on them simultaneously. Like a thought the listener keeps in the back of their mind, it rushes forth vivid but familiar, […]

Timberwolf – Íkaros

The debut album from Timberwolf is filled to the brim with raw emotion. Throughout the 12 track offering Timberwolf has craftily composed songs which highlight his vocals whilst simultaneously accentuating the emotions they convey. The compositional elements are obviously highly influenced by his musical icons, such as George Harrison, Jonathan Wilson and Steely Dan. Íkaros […]

Ria Hall – Rules Of Engagement

Before listening to Ria Hall’s debut album, Rules Of Engagement, the only other time I had heard traditional Maori language in song was during the Haka at sporting events. Unsurprisingly given that the Haka is a war dance the language is aggressive in that particular display however throughout Ria Hall’s record the depth of the […]

The Barr Brothers – Queens of the Breakers

The Barr Brothers album Queens of the Breakers is a mixed bag of feels. The band spans genres and emotion, moving seemingly without direction around a space that is gentle on the ears, tickling the listener’s curiosity. Genres are blended in this musical space, creativity and soul take centre pulling chunks into themselves in a continuous […]