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When the so called ‘vinyl revival’ became commonplace a few years ago, many were sceptical that it would survive. After all, the old analogue technology of a needle tracking into the groove of a disc made of polyvinyl chloride to produce a sound seems hopelessly out of date given the current advances in the digital […]


Earlier this year it was reported that worldwide sales of vinyl records outnumbered CDs for the first time in about 20 years. Admittedly streaming accounts for the bulk of recorded music sales but vinyl has made a remarkable comeback. It’s one of the few occasions that an old technology has been reborn and embraced by […]

Jess Ribeiro – LOVE HATE

The title of Jess Ribeiro’s third album, LOVE HATE, certainly reveals everything you would need to know about its thematic content. The record traverses the theory that we experience love over the course of seven stages - attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, death. Sonically the record is vastly different to her previous offerings but […]

I Know Leopard – Love Is A Landmine

The debut record from I Know Leopard is a beautifully sweet and emotional 70s soft-rock record. Throughout the 11 track offering the group explore themes of happiness, loss, romance and essentially any emotion which is intrinsically tied to love. This kaleidoscopic thematic approach creates a record which is incredibly nuanced and deep.  Allowing listeners to […]

Hellions – Rue

Rue is a much more melodic rock approach than Hellions have produced before. This new approach has moments of brilliance and others which fall flat. Building off of their previous record, Opera Oblivia, Hellions have continued down the atmospheric, lyrical heavy path which has created a deep, dark and mystical record. This style gives the […]

Rabbit Island – Deep In The Big

The latest record from Perth’s Rabbit Island will wash over you like a warm, soothing shower and have you immediately enter a state of relaxed bliss. Throughout the record the production is kept clean, crisp and simple with incredibly understated, airy vocal flourishes. By blending electronic production elements with guitars, pianos, organs and her own […]

Gum – The Underdog

Tame Impala’s Jay Watson has been quietly putting out solo records under the moniker of Gum, the most recent of which is his forth record The Underdog. Fans of Tame Impala will certainly be able to find something to grasp onto here despite this record being filled with a much more electronic, psychedelic, synth-pop sound. […]

Tom Misch – Geography

Listening to the music of South London’s Tom Misch you would never guess this producer is only 22 years of age, as his music carries a wisdom and depth of a much older and more experienced artist. Within the 13 track offering Misch subtly blends influences from a range of genres to create a record […]

Alison Wonderland – Awake

Sydney's Alison Wonderland has been making waves globally, in large part thanks to her electrifying live performances but her writing and production is also not to forgotten. With her second album, Awake, Wonderland has pushed her boundaries in many ways and created something that demands attention. Whilst her production abilities are well known this new […]

Ribongia – M∆∆T

Sydney producer Ribongia has delivered an electronic music album which is unlike any other as it shatters boundaries. Throughout the album there are the elements, such as dynamic beat progressions and and captivating grooves, which one would expect from an electronic album. There is however a special ingredient in M∆∆T, the incorporation of natural sounds, […]