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Stormzy – Heavy Is The Head

With his much anticipated second album Stormzy breaks the mould of UK grime, and in doing so establishes himself as a major crossover artist. Throughout the 16 tracks on Heavy Is The Head Stormzy delivers huge variety. Simultaneously Stormzy is able to remain true to his roots in the UK grime scene but also evolves […]

Leif Vollebekk – New Ways

Leif Vollebekk is welcoming November with the release of his latest album New Ways, an emotionally raw record that he said contained everything he wouldn’t ever want to tell anyone.  Vollebekk ventures into new territory in New Ways, exploring riskier themes of change and desire as opposed to his last album Twin Solitude, which focused […]

Novo Amor – Birthplace

Novo Amor’s debut album, Birthplace, will bring about goosebumps in all listeners. Novo’s ethereal falsetto is absolutely stunning. Exhilarating instrumental buildups containing strings, piano, and percussion are juxtaposed with softer breakdowns in which the spotlight is on Novo and his voice. His music is certainly emotional in nature and is perfect for a rainy, and […]

RL Grime – NOVA

Returning with his second album, NOVA, is Los Angeles producer RL Grime. With this new record RL Grime takes his sound into a new cinematic direction and also welcomes aboard a plethora of artists as guest features. NOVA is very much a front loaded record as the front half of the record features six guest […]

DMA’s – For Now

As one would expect from a second album the latest offering from Sydney trio DMA’s demonstrates the growth they’ve undergone as a group. The band are also unafraid to dip their toes into new exciting territory, which makes this record all the more dynamic. With For Now the group does something special by injecting a […]

John Flanagan Trio – Honest Man

Honest Man is an honest album. Warm tones and easy-going rhythms greet the ears of the listener like a smile and invite them into the surrounding vibe like a hug. Tendrils of conversation tickle the eardrums and encourage the listener to pay attention to the story as it unfolds, creating images of a summer evening, […]

Mikhael Paskalev – Heavy

The second album from Norwegian indie rock maestro Mikhael Paskalev continues to explore a wide array of musical styles, blending them together much more smoothly than expected. Throughout the 11 track offering Paskalev blends 80s pop with new disco and electro-pop elements. With so many varied styles this record could very easily have become a convoluted mess […]

Triggerfinger – Colossus

The newest album from Triggerfinger is an intentional mix of a raw energy and experimentation, it strives to differentiate itself from the bands earlier work and it makes a quagmire of musical feels in the process. The listener can feel their shoulders start to move in the gut hitting groove, twisting from the inside out […]

Raised By Eagles – I Must Be Somewhere

I Must Be Somewhere keeps a slow and considered pace throughout the album. Raised By Eagles plays leisurely through the ten tracks, committing to the time and the place, allowing the listener to commit to it too. From start to finish, the album slows down the time inside and outside of it, making it difficult […]

Marguerite Montes – All the Time in the World

This album is aptly named. All the Time in the World has a leisurely feel unhurried by time or duty. The lyrics and the music meet in a place where they are happy to wait for the subject of the songs, he can take his time because there is no end to it. This album […]