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All Hours – Perspectives

Brisbane pop-punk outfit All Hours are back with a new EP, Perspectives, where they once again bring their high energy sound. Led by vocalist Dani O'Grady it is hard not to listen to All Hours and immediately hear tinges of a fellow female led pop-punk group, Paramore. Across this quick five track offering All Hours […]

Jess Locke – Don’t Ask Yourself Why

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jess Locke is back with her third album, Don't Ask Yourself Why. With this record Locke continues to pump out mesmerising music oozing in her trademark raw and honest storytelling style. Throughout the record Locke delivers indie-pop music littered with acoustic guitar and a wide array of tones and messages wishing the lyricism. […]

Jessye DeSilva – Hover

​The latest EP release from Jessye DeSilva, Hover is a triumphant exploration of identity and what it means to simply be human. ​Blending whimsical indie folk tunes with strikingly vulnerable lyrics, DeSilva offers a refreshing take on the human condition that is so honest, it’s radical. ​Specifically, the tracks Drifter and Worry focus on anxiety patterns and […]

Alex Khan – The Marble Jar

​The Marble Jar, the sophomore album from Alex Khan, is a playful take on the world, life and what makes it worth living. ​With light-hearted vocals and soft instrumentals, The Marble Jar is like honey for the soul — a sweet dose of candy-coated realism. ​In particular, the single Lorelai is a touching love letter written […]

Papaya Tree – Mortuary Magic

​The latest collection from Papaya Tree, Mortuary Magic, is a modern-day triumph that captures everything it means to be alive in 2020. ​Papaya Tree makes the most of a challenging year by channeling their emotion into singles like Out In The Wash and Corona Crooner. ​Each song on the EP is designed to capture a different expression […]

Jack Nolan – Our Waverley Star

Our Waverly Star, the latest album by Sydney based singer-songwriter Jack Nolan blends in a mesmerising mix of sounds, heart-warming lyrics, and catchy, melodic instruments to engage with the listener’s mind. Featuring album tracks such as, The Bronte Train, The Quay and Life Is For Living, the album appeals to the listeners by taking them on an […]

Custard – Respect All Lifeforms

​Indie rock fans can rejoice – Custard is releasing its latest album Respect All Lifeforms. ​A music video for the album’s leading single, Funky Again, has already been released and delivers on all artistic levels from an intriguing jazzy sound to striking visual appeal. Appropriate for our time, the music video features social distancing along […]

Inertia – Connexion

Sydney's post-hardcore band Inertia are bringing the heat to entertain us all during quarantine. Their latest EP, Connexion, is a six track offering which is filled with memorable, melodic hardcore. Throughout the six tracks the group capture the listeners attention with an intense passion flowing through the lyrics and vocal performance. Combine this with catchy, […]

U.S. Girls – Heavy Light

​In their latest album Heavy Light, U.S. Girls presents songs about relevant topics wrapped in songs that sound like they were ripped from another decade. A mesmerising mix of sounds, instruments, languages, and even three short spoken interludes, Heavy Light engages every facet of listeners’ minds with its funky 70s-esque beats. The album is unafraid […]

Banoffee – Look At Us Now Dad

Banoffee’s debut album, Look At Us Now Dad, mixes traditional pop beats with engaging electronic sounds and a bit of rap to dive into topics such as addiction, obsession, heartbreak and resurrection. The first song, Tennis Fan (feat. Empress Of), eases the listener into the album with a simple and catchy yet expressive groove that […]