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Chi Chi: pan-tastic Asian cuisine

Like Aladdin’s cave or King Solomon’s mines, it’s the hard- to-find places that yield the greatest treasure. Chi Chi is a newly opened restaurant fiendishly hidden under the sweeping staircase inside the lobby of the Grosvenor Place building, at the harbour end of Sydney’s CBD. It’s the latest offering from hospitality entrepreneur, George Nahas and […]

Incidents of violence against taxi drivers reported in CBD and Inner West

By ERIN MODARO Two recent incidents of assault against taxi drivers have occurred in Sydney's inner city and inner west, with NSW police currently appealing for information on an attack against a driver in the CBD. At around 11pm on June 6, a taxi driver collected two passengers and drove a short distance, before an […]

“User-beware” social media model to blame for anti-lockdown protest

By EVA BAXTER Reset Australia is demanding greater transparency about how Facebook’s algorithms work. Reset Australia is the local affiliate of the global initiative working to counter digital threats to democracy and society. Executive director Chris Cooper told City Hub that the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday was organised on social media. “We know that a […]

Medicinal cannabis products to be sold over-the-counter

By ALLISON HORE Following a decision passed down by the TGA, a prescription will no longer be required to access some low-dose medical cannabis products in Australia. In December, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced a final decision to “down-schedule” low-dose CBD products to a Schedule 3 substance.  The decision will allow TGA approved low-dose […]

Weed revolution

By ALLISON HORE The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has announced it intends to make CBD products available over the counter as early as next year. This comes as our neighbours across the Tasman debate a referendum to legalise marijuana for recreational purposes. CBD (or cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating component of the hemp plant, currently listed […]

Up In Smoke

By Rita Bratovich Is hemp the answer to everything that’s wrong in the world today?  We may find out at the Hemp Health And Innovation Expo 2018. Now in its third year, the expo is aimed at increasing understanding and promoting benefits of hemp and cannabis in all their potential applications. Founder Michelle Crain, who […]

Railing against all the disruption

BY ALEC SMART On Thursday 2 August, a public forum was held at Vivo Café on George Street in the city, for people adversely affected by Sydney’s light rail construction. Radio 2GB’s Alan Jones addressed the meeting, attended by over 100 business owners and residents who live and trade along the new CBD and South […]

Hide and Squeak – Rat Tales Increasing Across City

BY ALEC SMART   Loiter behind a city restaurant after sunset and chances are you’ll encounter some of our oldest, and often most feared, companions rummaging for food scraps. Usually reticent and inclined to nocturnal wanderings, lately they’re becoming bolder, frequently seen scrounging in broad daylight. An increase in rat activity across Sydney’s city and […]

Taste of Shanghai

The empire has landed in World Square, giving shoppers a step up from the usual food court fare. Here you can have a bottle of wine - the T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio ($36/bottle, $7.50/glass) goes down swimmingly - and gorge on dumplings all day and night.

Le Pub

Descending the stairs of the CBD’s go-to French bistro Le Pub, this seemingly trendy, tardis-like, Parisian-style establishment opens up to reveal an odd mix of the after work drinks’ crowd, family diners, and girls’ night victims. Nonetheless, the tastefully decorated venue is quite comfortable, albeit a little raucous on the evening I dined.