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Best Adoption Centre – Cat Protection Society of NSW

The Cat Protection Society began in 1958 with just a small group of people looking to limit the number of stray cats on the streets of their local area. Although the charity has now grown exponentially, their vision remains the same - that every cat has a loving and responsible home. In addition to this, […]

Cats: neuter now for nine long lives

By ALEC SMART From 1 July all cat owners in NSW have up to two months to desex their cat or pay for a permit. All cats over 4 months old must be neutered (rendered permanently incapable of reproduction) or otherwise registered as non-desexed, which requires an $80 annual permit. This is in addition to […]

Cat Protection Society Op Shop To Close After 40+ Years

COVID-19 is set to claim yet another victim by the end of this month when the Cat Protection Society Op Shop on Enmore Road closes its doors for good. "This decision was heartbreaking," said Cat Protection Society CEO Kristina Vesak. "The Cat Protection’s Op Shop volunteers, customers and donors have made a profound and positive […]

Coronavirus: cats during the crisis

By ALEXI DEMETRIADI It is not just humans that have been forced inside with the outbreak of COVID-19, but also ‘man’s best friend’ – the humble cat. As workers across Sydney have had to work from home and limit outdoor activity, so too have animal shelters across the city. The effect of the virus and […]


Cat Protection Society Cats were revered in ancient Egypt and why not? These gorgeous little creatures are wonderful companions and hilarious to boot (seen any YouTube videos lately?)  So it’s easy to see what drives the commitment and passion in the staff at The Cat Protection Society. Last year they celebrated their 60th Anniversary. That’s […]

Catastrophic backyard cat breeders

By John Moyle A new kitten is just a click away as vendor sites such a Gumtree and Trading Post are now commonly used to advertise animals for sale. Buying online is often ruled by impulse rather than reason, and by the time a prospective buyer has transferred the funds they have unwittingly bought into […]

Cat-astrophe for renter’s pets

BY JADE MORELLINI The struggle is real for pet owners who are looking for a place to rent, with most landlords saying no when it comes to bringing their furry friends home. Not only is this causing an emotional departure of beloved pets, but it’s causing animal shelters to fill up a lot faster. CEO […]

Fashionable Recycling

Op Shop Chic first became a thing in the 1980s when pop stars like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna became unofficial ambassadors for pre-loved couture. Second-hand stores then became the go-to for those who wanted that touch of quirk, or for period-themed fancy dress parties, or simply for students and people with limited wardrobe budget. However, […]

Suspected cat burglar caught

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The Cat Protection Society has been overwhelmed by the good spirit of supporters, after a donation tin was stolen from their Enmore Road premises. CEO of the Cat Protection Society Kristina Vesk described the theft as “disappointing”. “It feels like double hit to me because it feels like it threatens the cats […]