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REVIEW: Casey Donovan’s ‘Irresistible’ Sydney Festival Performance

At 33, Casey Donovan is at the top of her game. Her vocal range is jaw dropping. She sings soulfully to the heavens with the force of an entire gospel choir. She boogies with such delight that the urge to dance is almost irresistible (current NSW restrictions during the peak of a pandemic not withstanding). […]

Casey Donovan

Most people would know Casey Donovan from her time on Australian Idol in 2004, after the then 16 year old would blow the competition away with her powerful voice and charming personality. Since then Casey has gone on to expand her career by using her talents outside of the world of strictly music by venturing […]


It’s got fabulous songs, stunning choreography, a story literally ripped from the headlines, and more razzle-dazzle than a Christmas tree. Broadway’s longest-running musical of all time, Chicago, opens in August with an amazing new production featuring a stellar cast.  Based on the true story of sensationalised trials of two women accused of murder in 1920s […]

Funny Girl – The Musical In Concert

Funny Girl, originally a musical starring Barbara Streisand, will be performed in concert at the Opera House with a stellar ensemble cast of 11 including, Michala Banas, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Casey Donovan, Virginia Gay, Verity Hunt-Ballard, Dami Im, Maggie McKenna, Zahra Newman, Caroline O’Connor, Queenie van de Zandt and Megan Washington, each in turn playing the […]

Mardi Gras 2018

By Rita Bratovich. The 53 men and women arrested and brutally beaten in their cells by police could scarcely have imagined what they and their 1500 fellow protesters had spawned that bitter winter’s day in June 1978. Forty years on, their humble walk of solidarity down Oxford Street has become one of the world’s largest […]

Indigenous Voice

January 26 1938 marked the 150th Anniversary of European settlement in Australia. But, while white Australians around the country celebrated, a group of Aboriginal men and women gathered in a hall in Sydney and pronounced the day “a national day of mourning.” The Day of Mourning (also known as Aborigines Day) became an annual event, held […]

Casey Donovan

In 2004, a sixteen-year-old girl named Casey Donovan became the youngest person to win Australian Idol.  It’s been a milestone 10 years since then and for Donovan it’s an opportunity to reflect back on a decade worth of experience. “There are so many memories. Winning would be one of the biggest ones, going on tour […]