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Art Attack – Introduction To The World

By #ArtAttack STAGE Now that our State Government has unlocked the city, they’ve inadvertently unshackled Sydney’s most notorious art sleuth, #ArtAttack.  I am the nosiest, most inquisitive social influencer in town, and I’m here to defibrillate all of the latest news out of the arts and entertainment scene of our fine city for my followers. […]

Top Girls

Sydney Theatre Company opens their 2018 season with the Caryl Churchill classic Top Girls. This female driven play was written and set in Thatcher’s Britain in the 80s and was ground-breaking at the time. It’s about women in business and the obstacles they face to advance themselves in a man’s world. It has humour, drama […]

Cloud Nine

Caryl Churchill is arguably the world’s greatest living playwright. Cloud Nine, first performed in 1979 is her breakthrough play. Set initially in colonial, Victorian Africa and then time shifting to London more than a hundred years onward, it unpicks the big ideas of love, class, gender politics and sexuality. “It’s a big beast to crack” […]