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Carrie: The Musical

Carrie: The Musical, based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, is a step away from the trademark gore and horror of the well-known classic. This Louis Ellis Productions rendition, helmed by director Hayden Tonazzi, promises a story that spotlights the humanity of Carrie (Kirralee Elliott) - a high school student pushed to the brink by […]


By now high school prom horror movies are pretty commonplace, and it’s unfortunate that this remake of Stephen King’s Carrie falls into that category. In 1976 the original film was one of the scariest films to see, but it seems that now everything has already been done, so maybe director Kimberly Peirce’s adaptation never stood […]


One of the many technical challenges facing Jay James-Moody, artistic director of Carrie the Musical, involves fake blood and that unforgettable scene at the prom when Carrie gets soaked with it. “We have to cook up a batch of two to four litres of it at home before each show and have to waterproof the […]