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REVIEW: ‘Uncanny’ at Chrissie Cotter Gallery

BY SWAGATALAKSHMI ROYCHOWDURY The Uncanny exhibition by Kirsten Drewes and Elizabeth Rankin, which raises important questions about gender, is currently on display at the Inner West Council’s Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown. Throughout the exhibition Drewes and Rankin use the technique of 'peinture feminine' to create an uncanny space. The works are spaced out in absurdity […]

Culture, climate and de-amalgamation: Stanmore-Damun Ward priorities according to Inner West election candidates

By EVA BAXTER Stanmore-Damun Ward includes Camperdown, Newtown, Stanmore, Enmore, Petersham and Lewisham and is currently represented on Inner West Council by Labor councillor Anna York, Greens councillor Louise Steer and Independent Pauline Lockie. Lockie is the only councillor bidding for re-election. Pauline Lockie Lockie told the Independent that despite the difficulty of campaigning as […]

Social housing residents form Action Group after ‘over-policed’ hard lockdown rollout

By EVA BAXTER Mission Australia’s Common Ground social housing facility in Camperdown was placed into lockdown from 8AM on Thursday 2 September for 14 days until Wednesday 15 September after four tenants tested positive to COVID-19. Common Ground residents formed an Action Group to ensure they are properly supported. Common Ground Action Group criticised the […]

The toxic threat confronting Inner West residents

Opinion by PETER HEHIR This Guardian article highlights the bleak future that faces all inner west residents who live within the fallout zone associated with any of the unfiltered WestConnex exhaust stacks. In concert with the aggressive position taken by the fossil fuel lobby, reminiscent of that last ditch stand by the cigarette companies, the […]

Council “plays cupid” for street artists and property owners

By ALLISON HORE It started as a way to reduce graffiti around the Inner West, now it’s a pioneering program which has transformed the Inner West into Sydney’s street art capital. The Inner West Council has opened up applications for it’s Perfect Match initiative which tackles unwanted graffiti and tagging by reducing the number of […]

It’s your home. You fix it

By Peter Hehir It’s now abundantly clear that the Sydney Motorway Corporation and the RMS have absolutely no intention of repairing any family homes damaged by WestConnex construction, despite this being a legal obligation. The Department of Planning and Environment have also failed the community, in not enforcing compliance of this requirement. The SMC and […]

Camperdown hot for asbestos

By Lanie Tindale “When the fire happened we escaped with our children, our lives, and our pyjamas. That’s it.   “We are now in the 9th week of crisis accommodation and holding it all together as a family.   We’re tired, we’re emotionally and physically exhausted. This horrible time has been exponentially worsened by the fact that […]

Suellen Symons – Displacement

Humans are susceptible to fantasies and dreams. We are drawn to the things that cannot be. We might judge them; we might dislike them or even love them. Something we cannot do is ignore the curiosity and the desire for the impossible, for the unusual and the strange. We are never fully satisfied with reality, […]

Runcible Spoon

As a loyal fan of Golden Cobra coffee, you’ll find me at this Camperdown café quite regularly, tucking into owner/chef Alex Watts’ famous Thai-style fried eggs.