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The Fallen Robins

As live music slowly returns venues such as Marrickville's Django Bar are playing an increasingly important  role. Particularly for up and coming local bands such as The Fallen Robins, who would typically be busy on the folk music festival circuit all around the country. As Charlotte Thompson explained to City Hub she and her sisters, […]


In a city where live music has taken a real beating over the past decade or so, one suburb is defying the trend with a string of venues far outnumbering what other precincts have to offer. Whereas areas such as the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross once boasted numerous live music venues, it’s Marrickville that […]

Gregg Arthur Quintet: In A Sentimental Mood

You should not miss hearing Gregg Arthur’s honeyed voice at the Camelot Lounge at Marrickville on Sunday December 23. Gregg’s voice has been likened to Frank Sinatra’s, but he has his own distinctive tonality which is mellower, sexier and more expressive. He is both a great interpreter of the jazz classics, and also has a […]

Ed Kuepper

Over the course of the last 40 years Ed Kuepper has been a stalwart on the Australian music scene, having been a part of The Saints, Laughing Clowns and an extensive solo career. Tonight and tomorrow Sydneysiders will have an incredibly rare and unique opportunity to see Kuepper take to the stage for a solo […]

Liz Stringer

Building a loyal following for any musician is incredibly difficult, and often times requires an artist to constantly take themselves away from friends and family. For Liz Stringer this process involved a longstanding dedication and commitment to regional touring, which is now paying dividends with bigger shows both domestically and internationally. With the release of […]

Emma Pask

A large number of readers may recognise Emma Pask’s name from her stint on television's The Voice in 2013, but there is much more to this prodigious talent than being just another manufactured reality television star. Emma has been performing for over 20 years now and recalls how naive she was in the beginning. “I never […]

Little Egypt’s Speakeasy

The Camelot Lounge in Marrickville will be transformed into an American 1950s Speakeasy to tell the tale of exotic dancer Little Egypt and her infamous club. The concert drama illustrates a thrilling, upbeat, and fast-paced theatrical show from Sydney’s hottest performers. “We’re taking the audience into the club,” says writer, producer and star of the […]

Camelot Lounge

I’d follow singer Christa Hughes - daughter of the legendary Dick Hughes, the first solo jazz pianist to perform at Sydney Opera House – just about anywhere.

Life drawing in the winter crowd

It may be cold outside, but Marrickville is warming things up this winter with a bohemian blend of art, gypsy rhythms and nudity at popular watering hole, Camelot Lounge. On any given Wednesday, an eclectic assembly of up to 40 artists can be found huddled in the downstairs Django Bar for Gypsy Art Club, a […]

Dave Graney

Hailing from Melbourne, there are very few Australian musicians with the longevity that Dave Graney boasts. He's worked with his musical companion Claire Moore for over thirty years and it’s safe to say that they don’t let their post-punk influenced attitudes evaporate with maturity. “Other people our age don’t make music like us,” Graney says […]