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Rosie Campbell’s

Bright, sunshiny colours and a cosy, welcoming interior transform this difficult corner space into the type of spot you’ll probably enjoy spending time in. Throw in a waitress with a Caribbean grandmother, and you’ll soon have the toasted coconut topped Bowl of Corn ($8) and vibrant, soupy Callaloo Greens ($8) on your table, with some idea about how to eat them.

Bar Fly: The Gantry Bar

“Thanks for warning me that this place was fancy,” my date snarks as we enter the bar. “I might have ditched my hoodie and Kmart jeans for a dress if I’d have known we were going to posh it up.”

The Balmain Hotel

With dumplings one buck each on a Thursday night, most patrons are tucking into steaming bamboo baskets—but at The Balmain Hotel there’s also a new menu to try.

Food News – Late Nights

With the Baird Government being granted another term in NSW, you might have given up all hope of the lockout laws ever being rescinded; especially as you watch Kings Cross rapidly morphed from being our entertainment district into a ‘sought after’ residential address using high-rise developments.

Skyline Drive-In Diner

Collect a carload for a retro-style dinner and movie ($10/head) at the recently remodelled Blacktown Skyline Drive-In.

Botany View Hotel

The front bar of Newtown’s Botany View Hotel felt a bit like a scene from Cheers. For the locals, it’s clearly a place where everybody knows your name. Drink specials abound: from ten-buck Aperol Spritzes “all day every day”, to twelve-buck jugs of mainstream beers, or a bottled selection of craftier options.

Old Growler

In a basement on the cusp of Kings Cross, this bar has the ambience of a Nick Cave murder ballad - exposed bulbs, flaking walls and an abundance of bearded men; you could be in an ancient mineshaft.

Star Bar

Some people have pubs in their blood; fourth generation hotelier Kim Maloney is a prime example. The first pub he bought was the Student Prince, which has morphed into Sydney’s most glamorous bordello: Stiletto.

Minskys Hotel

With a reputation for being one of the North Shore’s only late night venues where you can get a decent feed after a flick at the Hayden Orpheum, you’ll be pleased to note the newly renovated hotel - subtly masculine without being alienating to women – kept the 1am kitchen.

Redoak Boutique Brewery Cafe

As we slide into the season of revelry, padding out our calendars with meetings involving food and cheer, I thought I’d throw in a CBD spot that slides under the radar… This every-woman (and man) restaurant and bar is great for groups.