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Cirque Du Soleil – Kurios

The circus is coming to town, however, this is not just any circus. This is the amazing Cirque Du Soleil with yet another dazzling show to tantalise, enthuse and inspire our hearts, souls, and minds. An energetic force field of magic to be reckoned with. A Cabinet Of Curiosities to be analysed, philosophised and immortalised as fantastical […]

Julia Michaels

In regards to music, the most powerful element is always the lyrics. When a song has a strong emotional story underpinning the melodies and rhythms it can connect on a deeper level than perhaps any other entertainment medium. Nobody understands this line of thinking more than acclaimed songwriter turned performer, Julia Michaels. When Michaels first […]

Christina Bianco – “O Come All Ye Divas”

When you buy a ticket to a Christina Bianco show, you get dozens of celebrities for the price of one. She is a Youtube and stage sensation and has garnered a reputation as one of the best impersonators and most highly sought after entertainers in the business. The New York born woman of Italian immigrant […]

Blue Love

Blue Love is infused with witty satire, film, dance and intense physical theatre. The performance is sure to be quirky, challenging and enormously entertaining. It tackles the clichés of pop culture by featuring a pulsing and dynamic array of popular songs about love and heartbreak. It parodies the romantic notion of love as well as […]


Sydney’s Slide Cabaret Festival is showcasing a top-tier level of talent across a wide variety of acts within the cabaret genre. The venue itself, is opulent. The elegant decor contrasts with the disco-style stage lighting to fuse a combination of fine dining with Broadway spectacle in an intimate environment. The highlight of the festival so […]