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Jazz City

’m watching my third season of BBQ Pittmasters. I don’t know whether my obsession with this show is about celebrating artisan craftsmanship, or well-cooked brisket. What Myron Mixon has taught me is that tender, tasty brisket has a charry crust and good pull on the slices.

Food News – Smoked

Obsessed with smoke, I picked up a copy of Smoked [RRP $35] by Jeremy Schmid. Being an urban dweller without the backyard space for a proper smoker, I was reassured to find out I could get started with as little as some wood chips (the variety matters), a tray, a baking rack, some tin foil and a heat source.

Three Williams

Walking into this unassuming space on the fringes of Redfern is like stepping into a bank or church. Sparse, with wooden furniture, brick walls and a post-apocalyptic tree branch above the counter.

Food News – American BBQ

I might have just reviewed The Oxford Tavern but after just getting word from Drink’n’Dine power couple - Aimee Bayliss and Jaime Wirth - that they now are cranking the American BBQ every Saturday and Sunday, I think I already need to go back!