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The Odd Couple

Artistic Director of the Ensemble Theatre Mark Kilmurry loves Neil Simon’s play about “the odd couple”, two men called Felix and Oscar who find themselves living together in Felix’s New York apartment when divorce disrupts their circumstances. Kilmurry explains why he chose to put on this production. “The Odd Couple has lasted nearly 60 years […]


Jim Cartwright is one of Britain’s most prolific and well-known playwrights, and his play, Two, is one of the most well produced plays across the UK and Europe. Two has been done in several languages all over the world. Cartwright is quite insightful, and a beautiful creator of characters. The play has been localised with […]


This Lower-North Shore adaptation of a classically British script doesn’t offer too many surprises. It is delivered by a veteran cast of Australian actors with an Aussie roughness around the edges. The script is an excellent choice and full of political satire, as well as touching portrayals of everyday people. Although it is set in […]