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PCs in penitentiaries

BY JADE MORELLINI According to research and experience, access to computers in prison has proven to be extremely beneficial for prisoners, better equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to assimilate back into society. Prisons such as Long Bay Correctional Centre in Matraville could see computers provided to inmates to facilitate their return […]

Discarded memories: prisoners’ access to storage cut

Commencing in July, the Department of Attorney-General and Justice will be cutting funding to the Prisoners' Aid Association of NSW in order to divert funds to "transitional" services that assist people upon release. For over a century, the Association has played an important role in helping inmates transition back into the community by collecting and […]

Claims of forcible patient injection

Human rights campaigners have accused the NSW Ministry of Health of forcibly medicating mental health patients in an effort to decrease the amount of time they are allowed out of their cells. Brett Collins, coordinator of community organisation Justice Action, has launched legal action against the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal for failing to intervene […]