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THE NAKED CITY – COFFIN ED PREDICTS (With Apologies To Criswell)

There was once a time when journalists, social commentators, futurologists, psychics and would be soothsayers would trot out a list of predictions for the coming year – some of them painfully predictable and others wildly improbable. Given some of the happenings of the past 12 months it’s little wonder few have been bold enough to […]


It may not have been the most successful movie franchise of all time but it was certainly the most prolific with a staggering 31 productions between 1958 and 1992. Featuring titles such as Carry On Camping, Carry On Screaming and the geographically specific Carry On Up The Khyber, the much loved genre depended heavily on a […]

Shouty, Angry and Sweary

Who is Jonathan Pie and why should we go to his show at the Enmore Theatre in late February? Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter created by Tom Walker. Walker claims Pie is his “alter ego,” who originally appeared in 2015 in a series of spoof video clips as a frustrated British news […]

Naked City: Bring back the Guitar Samurai

Talk to any of the bar owners, bouncers, shopkeepers and strip club barkers in Kings Cross today and they will tell you that the joint is now “dead”, not quite to the point of burial or cremation but certainly in a state of suspended animation. The 1.30am lockout on weekends has curbed the violence and […]