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Dime Sheppard’s ‘Crime Writer’

BY JARROD WOLFHUNTER  Crime Writer is the engaging and thrilling crime/romance story written by exciting Aussie author, Dime Sheppard, in her fantastic debut novel. Crime Writer is difficult to put down because of its non-typical structure that melds a fictional writer’s world with the world of her characters – who possess lots of depth and […]

BOOK REVIEW: Palely Loitering by Hugh Patrick O’Keefe

Not many self published books ever get beyond the box in which they were delivered in, but piano player Hugh O’Keefe’s account of growing up gay in the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, the demand has a been so great another 500 copies have been printed. Always accepting of his own homosexuality, O’Keefe’s journey through […]

REVIEW: Aaron Patrick – The Surprise Party

If Labor had read this book there would have been no need for an internal inquiry into how and why they lost the election because Aaron Patrick tells us in The Surprise Party how the coalition snatched victory from the jaws of chaos. Blow by blow accounts of both sides leading up to the election […]

Food News – Craft Spirit World

Craft spirits long predate hipsters, Emily Miles, is quick to point out in Craft Spirit World [RRP $39.95]; though our friends boasting “skinny jeans, statement tattoos, and a luxuriant beard” are certainly responsible for their recent resurgence in popularity.

Food News

After having a long conversation this morning about cold drip coffee with my barista, Simon Dardick at Devon Café, I should probably accept I’ve taken coffee to the next level. I’m regularly using words like terroir, and have established a set of roasters I’m partial to - Proud Mary, Golden Cobra, Little Marionette and in recent months Marrickville’s Coffee Alchemy.