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Forever Young

By Rita Bratovich The 1960s were one of the most impactful decades in modern history: pivotal, subversive, expressive, transcendent. It was a time when artists superseded politicians as the influencers of collective ideas - and no artist effected this more than Bob Dylan. His lyrics and music were the voice and soundtrack of revolution, free […]

Jack River

For singer songwriter Jack River, also known as Holly Rankin, her debut album Sugar Mountain is a “souvenir of my youth” as it recaptures what she feels were her “most fascinating years of writing.” Sugar Mountain is undoubtably a pop record but upon further inspection Rankin is much more nuanced artists than any other within […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide September 4th

  Kasey Chambers: Aussie country darling, Kasey Chambers, takes her experiences of growing up in the outback with nomadic parents and turns them into soft, powerful, and catchy tunes about love, loss, and life. Alternating between hard-edged bluegrass, and jaunty swing melodies, she captivates audiences and transports city-folk into the country. Thu, Sep 4th, Newtown […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide August 28th

  Megan Washington: Washington seems to be on a cathartic spree lately after her time on Australian Story, she is touring her most honest album yet. She has written about everything she has avoided thus far – anxiety, bad sex, being in love, being unfaithful, and losing her best friend. While the album is inspired […]