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The Sydney Blues Society sparking appreciation for the Blues throughout the Inner West

By Amber Griffin Just when you thought the music scene in Sydney couldn’t get more electrifying and diverse, wait until you hear about the Sydney Blues Society, the hidden gem for blues music in Sydney. In an interview with City Hub, Sydney Blues Society Secretary Nina Sbresni shared with us all things blue music. “We […]

The Teskey Brothers – Half Mile Harvest

Melbourne has become a cosmopolitan hub for a vast array of musical styles but one sound you may not expect to be so craftily recreated is that of traditional Motown Americana soul. The Teskey Brothers new record Half Mile Harvest easily captures this sound and transports the listener to a distant time and location. Josh […]

The Meltdown

The Meltdown have brewed up a concoction of songs which defy genre boundaries by blending in elements from jazz, blues, southern soul, roots, gospel and just a pinch of country. With so many elements playing a part in these songs it was crucial that they had one binding force, which comes in the form of […]


After WWII the Australian Government offloaded a massive amount of military equipment in a giant fire sale – everything from heavy army vehicles to boots and catering equipment. Many of the smaller items ended up in so called ‘war surplus stores’ which proliferated in Australia for decades to come. Whilst the stores continued to stock […]

Melody Pool & Marlon Williams

She’s a soul-filled composer and singer with a rare voice capable of exposing the innermost thoughts and emotions that so many will bottle up inside. Melody Pool will bring her unique blend of acoustic/folk audio to the ears of her adoring fans – however, this time she won’t be alone. “I really liked Marlon [Williams’] […]

Walter Trout & His Band – Luther’s Blues

Walter Trout’s tribute to Luther Allison is both moving and deserved. This album is well put together; it is ultimately about the pain in blues and the journey that stems from it. Beginning with a strong introduction filled with manic energy in I’m Back, leading into Just As I Am which provides reflection and finally […]

Little Hurricane – Gold Fever

Over the past few years, US duo Little Hurricane have made their mark as purveyors of raw, earthy blues. Gold Fever continues in that vein but with stylistic stabs at new territory: for example, a horn section on track four (Boiling Water) and country elements on several tracks. However, most cuts here are bluesy and […]

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie was about ten-years-old when he fell in love. It was a song playing on the radio. It might have been Willie Dixon or perhaps even Muddy Waters. Whoever it was, isn’t really important – it was that sound. That’s where he first heard the ‘blue note’ – and he was hooked."It was electrifying," […]

Doggn It

Graeme Druce and John Cupit are just two 50-something-year-old men who’ve always loved blues music. With 40 years of experience playing a variety of instruments (they play six instruments each), they decided two years ago to give this music thing a proper go. So Doggn It was formed and luckily it did, because they’ve found […]


It was once stated by French writer and musician Boris Vian that, “there are only two things: love, all sorts of love, with pretty girls, and the music of New Orleans... Everything else ought to go, because everything else is ugly.” A sentiment that, though it was made over sixty years ago, echoes true through revered […]