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Estelle Astaire’s Woes And Wares

The one-woman show, Estelle Astaire’s Woes And Wares will be showing at the Blood Moon Theatre this Winter.  Written, directed, produced and performed by Bianca Seminara, the dark comedy will reveal the consequences of a co-dependent and emotionally challenging mother-daughter relationship under the appearance of a fun, old-fashioned Tupperware party.  Creator, Bianca Seminara said, “Estelle […]

REVIEW: Yours The Face

At only 60 odd minutes long, this play is a partial memoir, a symposium on commercial beauty, a comedy of awkward love and a reflection on loneliness. Fleur Kilpatrick’s play about the transient romance between a young American supermodel and an Australian photographer is a simple and straightforward story with lots of subtext. It is performed […]

The Gloveman

When the actors arrived to start rehearsing on CJ Naylor’s new play, The Gloveman, director Michael Block told them to put away their scripts. He had developed a new technique in which the actors learn all the stage directions first, then gradually add their lines as they repeat each sequence over and over. For the […]


Ben Noble’s one man play, Member, is a confronting piece of theatre. It is based on the bashing or murder of over one hundred gay men in Sydney during the 1980's and 90's; crimes for which no one has ever been held responsible. It was blood sport committed by gangs of male youths. When Noble […]

Morgan Stern

Beatles, Bedlam and pills. The stories of two men heeding from two separate centuries clash and combine in Gina Schein’s Morgan Stern. The Gent is over 200 years old when he reluctantly finds himself the guardian of a young man with a head filled with voices. But who is leading whom to salvation? “The Gent […]

A Man Walks Into A Bar

No, this isn’t a play just full of one-liners and corny bar jokes. A Man Walks Into A Bar is about a conversation in a bar between two people from very different worlds. The two people have a romantic past and are meeting for the first time on what would be their wedding day. Their meet up […]

The Punter’s Siren

The year is 1967 and the socially awkward Helen has turned up to Randwick Racecourse alone. Helen can’t believe her luck when a stunning woman approaches her and sweeps her off her feet – but blonde bombshell Linda has ulterior motives… “It’s just a whacky comedy about people’s inner thoughts, fears and desires,” explained director […]

The Show Must Go On: Sydney Independent Theatre

BY JAMIE APPS As one of Sydney’s independent theatre companies celebrates a momentous milestone, some others are evolving their offers and even further as some unexpected new players enter the scene. Over it’s history, the Sydney theatre scene has undergone some very dynamic changes to the environment, in terms of the type of shows performed […]