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Looking Out/Looking In – Janusz Wozny

Looking out/Looking In by Janusz Wozny at Black Eye Gallery Darlinghurst contrasts sweeping vistas of natural wonder with intimate portraits of vulnerable masked figures. The Consequence of Snow is a presentation of intimidating photos of glacial landscapes. The majestic geometrical shapes and powerful forces of snow and ice are captured in stark black and white. […]

MikiNobu Komatsu Selected Works

“Ecstatic” is the word photographer MikiNobu Komatsu uses to describe his reaction the first time he took in the sights of New Zealand’s South Island. “The landscape is very dynamic... Alps, glaciers, fjords, desert-like barren tablelands... All of these in a small island when you see it on a map, but it’s actually vast when […]


In the 1980s Australian artist Robyn Beeche captured the excitement, colour and androgyny of the London scene. Fade to Grey, an exhibition of some of her most celebrated photographs, is a trip down the garish and gender-bending rainbow of the decade. Beeche's images are tales of outrageous flamboyance, decadence and carefree wealth. Taken before Photoshop, […]


Born out of his two great loves, football and photography, Simon Harsent’s The Beautiful Game leaves viewers with the same beating heart one might experience when their team finds the back of the net. “I see football pitches in much the same way as I see theatre,” says Harsent. “I wanted to take these buildings, […]


Passion and Passion, an exhibition of photographs by Andreas Smetana is a study in duality, iconography and realism. Smetana placed half-clad men and women in a transparent plastic cross and captured them in a variety of urban and bucolic settings. The effect is a striking mixture of expanse and constraint. Passion and Passion 3 shows […]


Adrian Brown’s photographs of the New Zealand wilderness are as much a look into his own soul as they are pictures of the countryside. “All of these photographs are interpretive, it’s about how I felt at the time,” he explains. “It’s the closest to painting that photography gets. I do shoot mostly in digital these […]


Stuart Miller is an accomplished portrait photographer who is capable of evoking a clear message with his techniques. His recent collection, Blood Generation, which is showing at Black Eye Gallery focuses on the generation that grew up through Bouganville’s ‘Coconut Revolution'. The 'Coconut Revolution' was the successful uprising of the Indigenous peoples of Bougainville Island […]


In our modern lives we tend to spend a lot of time looking for happiness and beauty. Usually however, what we get is overstimulated, and we go and lose the plot. Still by Michele Aboud gives a first impression of elegance and beauty. However, on closer inspection her candid profile shots have a high-contrast, warts-and-all […]