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A photographer is an artist whose goal is to capture and freeze on-going moments by just pressing a button! However, to do this, you need the right set of tools, time, and talent. Ken and Michelle Dyball are among the few who have them all! The couple are proud to have their first solo exhibition […]

Damien Drew – Wabi-Sabi

The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is an appreciation of a transient and understated beauty in the modest, imperfect, ephemeral or decayed. Damien Drew’s exhibition expresses this notion through his perspective of modern day Japan. With his history working on films such as Alien Covenant, Superman Returns, Star Wars, The Great Gatsby and The Matrix. Drew […]

Luminosity and Momentum

Luminosity and Momentum is an intriguing name for an exhibition, with the perfect amount of balance and contrast. This clearly reflects the two charming photographers who have combined their work into one harmonious collection of art. “We stimulated each other in our quest to get our work out there,” SoonHoe says of when they first […]

REVIEW: Robert Earp – Venus Virgin Tomarz

Robert Earp is an absolute genius. This Melbourne man has completely transformed a woman into a warrior and a glass of milk into a glistening moon. “I like adding the magicians trick” Earp said. And there is no doubt about that. Earp is a photomaker he explains, “I brand myself as creating worlds”. Each photo […]

Tom Blachford – Midnight Modern

Australian photographer Tom Blachford has captured a truely unique perspective of Palm Springs and their modern architecture. By only capturing images by the light of a full moon these images have a special, almost cinematic feeling. The crisp moonlight adds a new dimension to the famous mecca of desert modernism and shows a contrasting side […]

Liquére – Danny Eastwood

The greatest examples of photography blur the boundaries of reality. In Liquére (a title taken from the Latin verb meaning "to be fluid"), a new collection of nudes from Danny Eastwood, the body is submerged, refracted, arched and outstretched into lurid abstraction. Presenting the human form with a sculptural sensibility that is rarely accomplished without […]

Stuart Miller – Gold

Photographer Stuart Miller pokes fun and despairs as it lays bare advertising as omnipresent and suffuse. In Gold, Miller captures large scale portraits of objects and people coated in liquid gold. He writes that his technique highlights "the everyday smothering of who is beautiful, what to consume and what should be considered valuable convinces people […]


Thrusting a taboo topic under the spotlight, Sydney artist Simon Bernhardt unleashes a new portrait exhibition, BDSM, at Black Eye Gallery in Darlinghurst. For the uninitiated, the exhibition's acronym namesake is a blanket term for a range of erotic role-play practices including bondage, dominance, submission and sadomasochism. Coinciding with Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival, Bernhardt’s exhibition gets up close and […]

Black Eye Gallery Presents: Extracts by McLean Stephenson

Black Eye Gallery Darlinghurst is proud to present Sydney photographer Mclean Stephenson’s latest solo exhibition, coinciding with the release of his photo book Extracts. The Gallery’s commitment to representing the photographic artform and all lens-based media is well established, and it is the perfect venue for showcasing this artist who is on the cutting edge of […]

Gateway: the cannabis debate rehashed

A provocative new exhibition at Black Eye Gallery in Darlinghurst challenges negative misconceptions about cannabis. Coaxing the taboo topic out from behind closed doors, artist Simon Bernhardt brings the stories of 16 long-term cannabis users into focus. Entitled Gateway, the exhibition features portraits and interviews with eight men and eight women, aged 19 to 50, […]