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Authorities tyre of hire bikes

BY ALEC SMART Dockless rental bicycles risk being impounded in future if they obstruct pedestrians after several inner city councils called for better monitoring and retrieval. Facing a clampdown are Singapore’s silver & yellow OBikes and China’s all-red ReddyGo hire bicycles – costing $1.99 per half hour and unlocked by a smartphone app - that […]

Wheely late: bike sheds backtracked for Redfern

BY GEORGIA CLARK Almost three years after they were initially promised by the state government, the cyclists of Sydney’s inner west are still awaiting the installation of secure bike sheds at Redfern station. The sheds were slated for installation almost two years ago, but were backtracked by Transport NSW despite being rolled out at other […]

Redfern first to receive bike sheds in new year

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Sydney cyclists can expect better treatment in 2016, with the introduction of bike storage sheds at selected train stations. The bike sheds, which can be opened with an opal card, is aimed at encouraging more people to commute by bike as part of their journey to work. Redfern station will be one […]