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Dark Voyager

The legendary war between Hollywood icons Joan Crawford and Bette Davis has intrigued fans for years and now comes to the stage to mesmerise a new generation of theatregoers. Set in 1962 when Joan Crawford and Bette Davis had just completed filming Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, their famous feud which went on for years […]


The highly anticipated Cunard British Film Festival 2017 will complement the current spate of foreign film festivals and this year’s program of high profile films should also ensure that interest continues to build. A sneak peek is presented at some of the best films British cinema has to offer. The opening night screening of Andy […]

Review – Dark Voyager

What a hoot! A flimsy narrative almost collapses under an avalanche of one-liners, (Bette Davis says to Joan Crawford: “You had sex with Nixon? Not even his wife does that!”). Dark Voyager ultimately provides an alternate theory on the death of Marilyn Monroe, with a sub-plot involving Crawford’s son. The egotistical bitchiness, backstabbing and power […]