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Newtown Art Seat Launch

The Newtown Art Seat, a cylindrical installation about 1.5m in diameter, was launched in the public square where Australia Street meets King Street in Newtown. Inscribed on the cylinder is a long poem by local poet Lynne Fairy called Postcards From Australia Street 2010-2016, which Lynne performed standing on the cylinder’s circular seat that provides as […]


Hilarious urban-noir adventure Cockroach deals with the difficult, dark and very pertinent issues of female anger and gender violence against women. It dips into the theatrical forms of stand up, dance theatre, contemporary epic poetry and a type of live music called Grunge Cabaret. This revenge tale explores the thematic literary history of transformation as […]

Melita Rowston’s Shit Tourism Presents: The Giant Worm Show

Remember Ossie Ostrich from Hey Hey It’s Saturday? In her Sydney Fringe Festival performance, The Giant Worm Show, Melita Rowston will be joined on stage by Benito Di Fonzo, who will be performing foul-mouthed manifestations of TV puppets Ossie Ostrich (Hey Hey It's Saturday) and Claude the Crow, from another variety show from the 70’s (Shirl's […]

Editorial: Swan song for Sydney central tunnel buskers

By Benito Di Fonzo     “I’m going down, until they physically throw me in jail,” said busker Stanley Steer, who has been busking in the Sydney’s Devonshire Street tunnel for 31 years after migrating from Jamaica in 1983. “I have people who’ve known me for years and we chat, you know what I mean? […]