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Annie Baker’s plays are long - very long - and they often have an indiscernible plot arc, banal dialogue, and inexplicable pauses in conversations. It’s her style and you either love it or hate it. You’ll want to decide that before you commit to the three and a half hours of John, now playing at […]

REVIEW: Ear To The Edge Of Time

After some immersive research that included interviews with astrophysicists, a close encounter with the Parkes Radio Telescope and trips to Manchester, Oxford, Greenwich and the Vatican Library in Rome, Alana Valentine wrote Ear To The Edge Of Time and won the 2012 STAGE International Script Competition for best play about Science or Technology. It’s a […]

Doubt: A Parable

As an artist, it seems that Charmaine Bingwa can do anything and probably does. As a singer and guitarist she has supported international performers like Demi Lovato, Rachel Platten and Fifth Harmony. She writes, she produces, she acts for the small screen, big screen and stage. Currently, she is bringing her seemingly endless energy to […]