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Music Took Abroad’s Jack Dawson From A Small Town To London & Back To Sydney

As we all know the world is vast place, but sometimes it can seem tiny. This was never more evident then when an email came into my inbox touting a new Australian music group called Abroad, which just so happens to include someone I went to school with. Obviously upon receiving this email I had […]

Wunder Wunder

The chilled positivity of Miami Horror boys Benjamin Plant and Aaron Shanahan’s new project is all about summer and serenity. Stemming from the duos relocation from Melbourne madness to lax Los Angeles, the sound of Wunder Wunder is a far cry from the band that made them dance legends in Australia. “Some of the Wunder […]


It’s a fun concept, something that has been missing from the streets of Bondi for years and Rdio.com aim to kick off summer by presenting The Beach Ball. “Bondi is really lacking a summer party, it’s been years since there’s been one, so we thought we’d team up with the Beach Road Hotel and do […]