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A BBQ To Remember

BY JARROD WOLFHUNTER Anthony 'Harries' Carroll is Australia’s favourite Bondi Rescue Lifesaver. Harries has teamed up with Swiss 8 – a Veteran-led mental health charity – as an ambassador to their latest mental health campaign – A BBQ To Remember. Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity, founded by combat veterans to build proactive mental […]

Australia Daze

COMMENT BY WARREN FAHEY I am now quite resigned to the arm-swinging chorus that tells me ‘I am, you are, Aust-ral-ian’. After hearing the song ad infinitum in Rugby World Cup promotions, Salvation Army Red Shield campaigns, endless loops from Telstra, school assemblies, and anything else that vaguely smacks of flag-waving, I am preparing myself […]

LP’s Quality Meats

If there’s a better BBQ Beef Short Rib ($44) in Sydney, I don’t know where to find it. Luke Powell coats his fat, juicy ribs in little more than salt and pepper, and sticks 'em into the wood-fire smoker for nigh on sixteen hours. Yep, they go in at 11pm and come out just in time for dinner the next evening.


The first thing you’ll notice after stepping into Damda, beyond the strong design aesthetic, is the monstrous, smoke-belching oven. It’s admirably manned by a smiling, tattooed, Korean coal-master.

Wagyu House

Ten minutes outside the Inner West, a circus tent of lighting alerts you to this Korean mecca of meat. Pull your vehicle directly into what appears to be the centre of the restaurant; get met immediately by a smiling waiter.

Food News – American BBQ

I might have just reviewed The Oxford Tavern but after just getting word from Drink’n’Dine power couple - Aimee Bayliss and Jaime Wirth - that they now are cranking the American BBQ every Saturday and Sunday, I think I already need to go back!

Food News – One Six Eight

The Millers Point end of the city can be a bit of a good food desert, especially at breakfast time, but this week if you emerged from the pedestrian tunnel under the Bradfield Highway, you might have caught a whiff of barbequed house-smoked bacon!

Food News

With October positively rammed with foodie events, I was recently reminded by Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, that all good eating doesn’t have to be high-brow.