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Coming Soon: The Flipside of Flamboyance

The Flipside of Flamboyance is a defiantly queer film coming to a screen near you. Developed by local independent filmmaker Barbara Karpinski, the documentary explores the reasons why the mental health of the GLBTIQ community is amongst the poorest in Australia. This film celebrates the resilience of the people behind the GLBTIQ movement’s glamorous parades. The […]

Too raw for some, but delicious authenticity nonetheless

GLITTER SUPERNOVA  Barbarella Karpinski Glitta Supernova is a subcultural starlet, a nude counterculture contemporary Phyllis Diller. Performers like Glitta Supernova never make the cut on Dancing with the Stars, and even if Dreamgirls at the Cross had not been closed down - her tattoos, voluptuous shape and age, over forty, make her unemployable in the […]

‘Parents’ of Mardi Gras to get apology

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS On Thursday morning, there will be some validation for a lifetime of fighting for the rights of LGBTQI community when an apology is made to the group who protested at Taylor Square and began the Sydney tradition of Mardi Gras. It is estimated between 500 and one thousand people turned out to […]