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The Newtown Hotel

The largest pub on King Street and perhaps the most popular, The Newtown Hotel is often the first port of call for locals looking to quench their thirst. Downstairs is where you’ll find the most action, with plenty of seats crowded close to the enormous square bar, itself giving way to pool tables, arcade machine […]

Earl’s Juke Joint

As the sun goes down over Newtown, you’ll likely spot a bouncer guarding a fairly nondescript door belonging to a fairly nondescript butcher shop façade. Don’t be fooled by this tactical misdirect, because behind that door lies one of Newtown’s most happening bars. Emulating a 50’s era flophouse or speakeasy, Earl’s Juke Joint brings an […]

The Hive Bar

Down in Erskineville, there are few spots packed tighter each night than The Hive Bar. Named for its busy and bustling atmosphere, this bar offers delicious cocktails and craft beer for all kinds inner-city ne’er-do-wells. What’s more, The Hive Bar offers a chance to enjoy music the old fashion way: on proper vinyl records. Stacks […]


In Newtown, the bars are almost as varied as the people. Corridor, which sits in a space that’s as wide as its name might suggest, is one of those bars that breaks from convention and gives you something truly new and authentic. Its small bar, draped in fairy lights and adorned with row upon row […]


In the heart of Newtown, Blacksheep has much more to offer than three bags of wool. Drinks of all sorts and delectable bar bites await masters and dames alike in this chic establishment, which is large enough to move around comfortably while maintaining a cosy, intimate feeling. Ornate chandeliers hang above raised tables and stools […]

Rose of Australia

Down the road from King Street and directly opposite to The Hive Bar stands Rose of Australia. One of Erskineville’s largest pubs, The Rose offers great pub grub and beers on tap in a relaxed open space. The two-story venue features both indoor and outdoor seating suitable for any occasion, and the prices are beyond […]


Let’s go down the list and check off everything Mary’s has to offer: A two-story restaurant-bar located in a renovated, heritage church? Check. Raucous tunes played loud while you eat and drink? Check. Street art, DIY inspired décor and menus? Check.  Mouth-watering, American-style burgers? Check. Baskets upon baskets of crispy-skinned, deliciously-moist fried chicken? Check. A […]


For the music nut, there are few better watering holes in Sydney than Deep Groove. Built by music lovers for music lovers, Deep Groove pays just as much attention to its impressive catalogue of vinyl LP’s as it does to its delicious food and drink. An open front room lets you enjoy a drink and […]

Courthouse Hotel

Sometimes you just need to escape the noise, sit out in the fresh air and share a brew with your mates. For those days, and for any other, the Courthouse Hotel has got you covered. Standing tall on the corner of Australia and Lennox Street, this 19th-century pub offers a bit of something for everyone. […]

Darlo Country Club

Gone are the eccentric lamps and mismatched antiques that made The Victoria Room so endearing when it burst onto the Sydney bar scene around eight years ago. The new quartet of owners - The Lobo Plantation’s Michael Hwang and Eddie Levy, and The Island's Adam Abrams and Julian Tobias – have redone the spacious loft with an L.A. country club in mind.