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SandSong: Stories From The Great Sandy Desert

Lillian Banks never thought about dance as a career until her teacher from St Mary’s College encouraged her to apply for NAISDA, which accepted her as a student.  After NAISDA, she auditioned for Bangarra and was enrolled as a Russell Page Graduate Recipient for 2018.  She’s a Yawuru woman, a Kimberley girl, Yawuru being part […]

Dark Emu

Stephen Page creates his 25th work for Bangarra with Dark Emu at the Sydney Opera House. Based on the award-winning non-fiction book of the same name, Dark Emu is an exploration of the way pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians lived. “Audiences can expect to be taken on a really beautiful and moving experience. We’ve used Uncle Bruce […]


Artistic director, Stephen Page has brought Bennelong back into the spotlight, creating a spectacle on the life of one the first Indigenous Australians to be taken from his people and introduced to the European ways. From the documentation of Bennelong’s life, Page took key aspects, aiming to present the culture and heritage of Australia. Senior […]

Dan Sultan

His third album Blackbird has impressed its rocking sound indefinitely on the Australian scene and Melbourne’s own Dan Sultan is in the midst of a mammoth tour with the riff-goddesses Stonefield and the enigma that is Way Of The Eagle. The songs from his latest batch are nothing short of well-crafted. “We had quite a […]


Bangarra's newest production Dance Clan 3, is created by four of the company’s senior female dancer/choreographers. "Each of the women has a particular story they’ve been inspired by: the Macquarie March that happened in the early 1800s, when Macquarie was in power. A black social issue about the promise of land and the massacres of […]


Bangarra’s new piece, Blak, is a voyage through culture to discover identity. Told in three parts, it combines edgy, urban influenced music with stark sets and powerful choreography. Scar takes the male dancers in a twisting turning rite of passage. They writhe and grapple with the prospect of manhood. The dancers struggle with the pain, […]


Dancer and choreographer Daniel Riley McKinley is passionate about his work and enthusiastic about his role in the new Bangarra piece, Blak. He is also a thoughtful and eloquent speaker about contemporary dance and the place of the artist in society. It is clear that his experience as an Indigenous person in an urban environment […]