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Good Dog

Multi-talented Arinzé Kene has established an illustrious career in London as an actor and playwright, winning awards and accolades for both. Now the Green Door Theatre Company, in association with the Bakehouse Theatre Company, present the Australian Premiere of his play Good Dog, a monologue delivered by award-winning actor Justin Amankwah.   Amankwah assumes the […]

Night Slows Down

Phillip James Rouse knew he wanted all the elements of a thrilling Greek tragedy in his play: high emotions, drama, and catastrophe. So he took inspiration from elements of the present-day America's unfathomable President, and Australia's disaster-fraught refugee policies. The result is Night Slows Down, a play about a world where "far-right extremists have won […]


Is this world ready for change? Are we up for the challenge? bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company is coming at you with Jatinga, a play inspired by the daughters of sex workers in Kamathipura, India. Artistic director, Suzanne Millar travelled there some time ago to work and live at a centre which implements change into the lives of […]

The Laden Table

A fraught love story, with global issues and political themes told through the prism of personal stories. It carries a message that we are to learn from the lessons of the past and look to the future, and no matter our difference we should treat one another through dignity and respect. The Fishmans are Jewish, and […]


Stories Like These in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company present Blink by Phil Porter. A beautiful, dysfunctional, bittersweet, not-quite-love story with the ability to be joyous, and hurt, at the same time. It starts with voyeurism and consensual stalking. Jonah (James Raggatt) works as a night watchman, so has a habit of watching, and Sophie […]

His Mother’s Voice

Enduring piano lessons as a child is pretty standard in western society, but in Shanghai of ’66 when the Communist Party reigned, one defiant mother had to teach her son to play in secret. Justin Fleming’s play, His Mother’s Voice, details the true story of a mother-son relationship from the birth of China’s cultural revolution […]


The Bakehouse Theatre Company is presenting Love Field, a play by award-winning Melbourne playwright Ron Elisha about a conversation that never took place. The hypothetical conversation is between Lyndon B. Johnson and Jacqueline Kennedy aboard Air Force One, on their way to Washington to face a grieving public after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. […]